Facial recognition gate


The facial recognition gate consists of two parts: the facial recognition gate head and the gate. The difference between a facial recognition turnstile and a standalone turnstile is that, in addition to being able to swipe cards and QR codes, it can also perform facial recognition (facial recognition) turnstiles, which not only enhances the experience of entering and exiting, but also enhances security measures.

Facial recognition has the characteristics of visualization and conforming to human thinking habits, which is to some extent more convenient and secure than passwords, keys, etc. The dynamic facial recognition gateway integrates functions such as on-site face collection, identity verification, blacklist warning, etc. It automates the entire process from reading ID card information to collecting facial photos on site, comparing and obtaining results, without the need for additional peripheral hardware configuration. The operation process does not require manual intervention, and the collected information and comparison results can be uploaded to the big data collection platform in real time

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